The General Plan

The premise of Koll Center Residences is that the builder must conform to the people’s vision, not the other way around.

That’s why we went straight to the source – the City’s voter-approved General Plan – to learn precisely what the people said we could build and design the project within those parameters. This is a glimpse of the detail and direction provided by Newport Beach residents:

"The Airport Area is urban in character, different than other City neighborhoods. Additional density …[was] considered more acceptable here than other parts of the City. There [is] … broad consensus on mixed-use development with residential and revenue generating uses."

Airport Area, Policy Overview

Housing the in the Airport Area, would be developed as clusters of residential villages centering on neighborhood parks and interconnected by pedestrian walkways. These would contain a mix of housing types and buildings that integrate housing with ground-level convenience retail uses and would be developed at a sufficient scale to achieve a “complete” neighborhood.” 

Airport Area, Policy Overview

“John Wayne Airport Area: re-use of underperforming industrial and office properties and development of cohesive residential neighborhoods in proximity to jobs and services”

LU 3.3, Opportunities for Change

"Provides for a horizontal intermixing of uses that may include regional commercial office, multifamily residential, vertical mixed-use buildings, industrial, hotel rooms, and ancillary neighborhood commercial uses.”

Table LU1, Land Use Categories