Letter from Bill Shopoff: A good night for Koll Center Residences

Friends -

It was a good night for Koll Center Residences.

After a decade of planning and more than 50 stakeholder meetings, the project finally went before the Newport Beach Planning Commission for a public workshop.

By our count, more than 40 members of the public spoke and nearly all favored housing at the site!

We heard strong support for the proposed plan from lifelong residents, employers, teachers, college students, environmental stakeholders and the business community. We also heard requests to lower the building height, add more retail and other good ideas from residents and nearby business owners. The Planning Commission then gave thoughtful direction and requested we work with stakeholders on these refinements.

The consensus was clear and encouraging: Koll Center Residences must become a vibrant urban village for Newport Beach.

This has always been the foundational concept for the site. Last night's direction was a strong affirmation of this vision and a giant step towards making it a reality. We're now going to spend the coming weeks making some refinements to the project and engage with stakeholders before going back to the Planning Commission for a public hearing.

Thank you to all who attended last night's workshop, those who have written in support of the project and all who continue to engage constructively to make Koll Center Residences an iconic project for Newport Beach. It was extraordinary to have such a diverse group of supporters and we are grateful.

As we finalize plans for Koll Center Residences, please let us know if you have any questions or would like more information on the project.

Bill Shopoff

Chief Executive Officer

Shopoff Realty Investments